June 2014

Sniff Test, part 5 of 5

How to find a Great Property Manager: The maxim of “walk a mile in someone’s shoes” plays perfectly into this final point. If your Property Manager invests in property themselves, you have good signs of having a great property manager…

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Sniff Test, part 4 of 5

How to find a Great Property Manager: Managing rental units is details.  Thousands of details.  Granular things.  So the best Property Managers have an Eye for detail. They understand all the details of a complex job and are very good at following…

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Now Hiring Showing Agents

Now Hiring Showing Agents Polaris Real Estate is hiring real estate agents who love helping buyers and tenants find the perfect home. We are seeking self-starting individuals who develop and maintain positive professional relationships, and who have a strong desire…

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Sniff Test, part 3 of 5

How to Choose a Great Property Manager: Look for this trait:  Calm under pressure. All the good property managers I know are amazing under pressure. They work daily in a crucible of contradictions between Landlords, Tenants, and other influencers.  They…

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