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A Sense of perspective

blitz-lon4002sBeing a Landlord in today’s economy is no picnic.

Your Tenants are demanding things constantly.

Competition is tough.

Costs are constantly rising.

The government is demanding and getting tougher.

Even your CPA is demanding more documents to keep you legal in the eyes of the IRS.

It seems some days like you just can’t win.

In times like these, a sense of perspective may be in order….this is an excerpt from the book on Winston Churchill in The Last Lion:

“Early in 1942, Churchill promised Britons more grave disappointments and disasters.  As the months sloughed off the calendar, he certainly made good on that pledge, in Singapore, Burma, and the North African desert.  The year had been anything but a year of victories, but it had been a year with victories.  And that was enough.”

If Britons could survive the Battle of Britain and the Nazi onslaught, you can survive too.

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