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“HONEY—Where did we put that receipt for the water heater we bought 3 years ago???”

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One of the least talked about but most valuable services we do for our Property Management Clients is tracking the Assets in each property such as Air Conditioners, Furnaces, kitchen appliances, and water heaters.  {I’ve redacted the screen shot above as it contains private information on a property we manage….}

We do this in our software program so we know when the new units were installed, when the next scheduled service is to be done, and most importantly, when the warranty of a unit is still in effect.  This way, should a water heater fail in year 3 of operation and it is still covered under the 5 year warranty, BINGO, the Landlord gets a new water heater.

It’s about saving our Clients money.  And Time.  Which equals money.



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