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“Because I Said So!”

How we wish we could shout this to Clients…..


Polaris is hired to manage both the home and relationship of the Tenant with the Landlord.  Often, we have to also ‘manage’ the Landlord themselves.  Sometimes, not too often, but sometimes we have to resort to good ol’ fashioned parenting quips such as this one to get the Landlord to do what we know is in their best interest.

In other words, to keep them from stepping on a landmine that will cause either financial angst or emotional angst. 

Every single action or inaction we advise is directly gleaned from past dealings with literally hundreds of similar circumstances. 

There’s a reason Clients hire us….they don’t have to like us or even love us.

But they’re always better off heeding the advice of experience.

Now go eat your vegetables!











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