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Source of Income Amendment

The City Council of Indianapolis is at it again…. They are debating again the Source of Income Amendment that was voted on twice now and defeated twice.  If you’ll recall, I wrote about this idiocy and ignorance of risk/return and…

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If you don’t think it could ever happen in Indianapolis, go ask the Property Owners in Mt. Healy, OH

Source: Finally, a Win for Landlords! City of Mt. Healthy Repeals Rental Registration Law in Face of Landlord Lawsuit The City of Mt. Healthy, Ohio, repealed its new “Rental Registration” law under threat of a lawsuit by several plaintiffs…

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I’m still ADAMENTLY AGAINST this proposal, even though it will make me more $$$ personally….

Yes, according to the IBJ article, this proposed legislation will put more money in my pockets….                  But whenever real property rights are RESTRICTED by legislative directive, it is only a short…

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