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Holiday Lights Installation Guide

The time of the year has finally arrived. Time to put on our boots, take out the boxes of lights and Santa Claus yard displays and see who on the block can out do all of the other houses… Use these helpful tips from to stay safe and retain the integrity of your home’s construction.


  • It may be tempting to spell out a holiday message, but remember why we have roofs…. to repel water. The last thing your roof needs is a bunch of holes poked in it.
  • Limit decorating to the roof’s perimeter. The wood trim boards offer plenty of surface area for attaching lights or other ornaments.
  • Avoid putting holes or screws into gutters. There are plastic clips that snap on and will hold lights in place.
  • If you are putting ornaments with large surface areas on the roof, remember to wind proof them. Make sure they are well secured to the surface and include holes to pass through the ornaments without turning them into holiday sails.


  • Walls are an overall better choice for both light and ornament mounting. Not only are they less subject to weather, they are also easier to reach; cutting down on the likelihood of a holiday light related injury.
  • Avoid placing screws near joints; this could lead to splitting or rotting.

Planning ahead with ornaments laid out in the yard will save you a lot of time, and will allow you to place ornaments/lights in places that best suit their mounting needs.

Nylon cables and twist ties can also come in handy, so be sure to have a handful within reach.

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