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Home Seller’s Guide (Part 4 of 4!!)

Selling a home can be a big decision. has divided this decision into four different parts; your situation, selling strategy, stage your home and close the deal. Follow these steps to make sure that you are ready to make the big move. This is last part of the four part series!!

Part 4: Close the Deal

You’ve done all you can to prepare and show your home. Now you can sit back and watch the offers roll in, right? Not. Offers come in all forms — from the dreaded lowball to the contingency crazy. The key is to not take the offers personally. They are not reflections of you or your home; they are business propositions.

Review every offer carefully, evaluate the buyer and negotiate terms so you can come to a deal. But a signed contract doesn’t mean it’s over. You have to pass the appraisal and inspections and negotiate more if needed. Once everyone is satisfied that their terms have been met, you can all sign the paperwork and celebrate.

Step 1: Prepare seller disclosure statements.

Step 2: Review offers with a detached eye.

Step 3: Focus on serious buyers, not casual buyers.

Step 4: Consider the contingencies.

Step 5: Make a counteroffer.

Step 6: Negotiate terms and sign the contract.

Step 7: Time the sale of your home with the purchase of your next one.

Step 8: Open an escrow account.

Step 9: Ensure contract are met and sign closing documents.

Step 10: Move out and into your new home!

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