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More Updates on the Proposed Legislation for Landlord Registration

Councilors, State Rep Work for Cleaner and Safer Rentals Focus on Common Sense Landlord Accountability Program

Indianapolis – Indianapolis City-County Councilors Zach Adamson, John Barth, and Jeff Miller have teamed up with State Representative Justin Moed to introduce a proposal to the Council to create a landlord registration program with the aim of ensuring safe, accountable rentals for Indianapolis residents.

“The goal is to give Indianapolis residents, neighborhood associations, and city officials a resource to go to so they can identify the landlord if the grass is not being mowed, the grounds are covered with trash, the property is covered with graffiti or something else has gone wrong at the rental” said Councilor John Barth.

In 2013, the Indiana General Assembly passed a moratorium taking away the ability of cities to regulate landlords and rental property. However, thanks to the work of State Rep Justin Moed, Indianapolis can now establish a landlord registry and enact accountability measurers under House Enrolled Act No. 1403 effective July 1, 2014. “The need for a registry was clear from going door-to-door and listening to my constituents and neighborhood leaders” said Moed. “While most landlords are responsible, too many Indianapolis residents are at risk because of the few landlords who are not.”

If passed and signed into law by Mayor Ballard, the new ordinance will require between July 1, 2014 and January 1, 2015, an owner or landlord of a rental unit to submit their registration to the department of code enforcement (DCE) and pay a nominal $5 fee.

“Currently landlords are unregulated and identifying the landlord when there are problem rentals can be difficult, especially when they don’t live in Indiana” said Republican Councilor Jeff Miller. “This proposal aims to provide a tool to hold negligent landlords accountable for problematic properties that are hurting tenants and the surrounding neighborhoods.”

“Its no surprise that the three members of the Council who are former neighborhood association presidents are the sponsors of this proposal,” said Democratic Councilor Zach Adamson. “As with the graffiti abatement program, we continue to work together in order to provide tools for neighborhood groups and individuals to use to make their part of Indy a better place.”

This proposal will be introduced to the Indianapolis City-Council Council on June 2, 2014 and will be heard in the Rules and Public Policy Committee at a date to be scheduled.

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