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Nobody OWES you a Damn Thing…


There’s an old saying in the landlord business….”You can’t call yourself a Landlord until you’ve had to evict a Tenant.”

There’s now a newer saying….”The Synonym of Tenant is Entitled Citizen.”

You’ve seen it in your personal life and in your professional life.  The rental industry certainly isn’t exempt from this cultural issue.

Even professional property managers with tremendous amounts of deal flow experience (that’s code for having managed many a lifetimes of headaches) have trouble dealing with this issue as new and creative abuses rise up and smack us upside the head.  We combat it as much as possible.  We anticipate it as much as possible.  And we learn the lessons as quickly as possible to blunt the effects the next time.

Unfortunately, just like a torpedo screaming towards your ship, sometimes one slips through and an entitled tenant gets rewarded by the twisted legal system we have in place.

You don’t have to like it and you certainly deserve to get angry about it.

Just don’t forget the reason you have rental properties in the first place–to increase your net worth by managing a physical asset with opportunity for value growth and the ability to generate cash flow.

Like a kidney stone, this nitwit will soon pass.



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