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Polaris Real Estate is hiring–You got what it takes?

teamwork Dead end jobs suck. This job isn’t one of those. This job requires you to stow away the pigeon-like thinking and actually be responsible for your own happiness, professional growth, and, {gasp}, your own personal growth. You’ll be involved with the marketing of properties, real estate leasing and sales activities, some paperwork, project work, tasks, some numbers, and get ready….real life self-directed projects that are as wickedly cool as you want to make them. It’s not for anyone who is a wet noodle or has too many personal calls/texts/emails/IM’s/interpersonal conflicts/ during working hours or anyone who is just flat lazy. Go work somewhere else where it doesn’t matter if you show up or not. Our Clients expect results. It’s how Profit is made in a company. Here’s a sprinkling of the details: –up to 20 hours a week. –company vehicle for your use. –must have availability for some evening and weekend appointments. –starting pay is more than you’ll likely make anywhere else, but less than a Congressman. (Ok, bad example.) Starting pay is $12/hour+, depending on what skills you bring to the table and ALSO what skills you are willing to adopt (hint, hint: We are a learning-based organization. The world is changing. Fast. If you aren’t/won’t/can’t change with it, you’ll get run over.) –real estate license is required, but it’s not hard to get one. –fast-paced environment. Really….it’s fast. Email a resume and a cover letter on WHY we should consider interviewing you to The cover letter should only be one paragraph. If you can’t write a concise, persuasive single paragraph, delete this and forget you ever read it, cause you’ll flounder in our fun-as-hell environment where a sharp pencil and even sharper tongue are appreciated and rewarded.

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