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Reframe the argument and you reframe the outcome.


If you haven’t clued into her best selling book Atlas Shrugged, please grab a copy.

If you can’t stand to read lengthy books, then at least check out the first two movie parts on Netflix.  Trust me on this point–you’ll never read the daily Facebook news wires the same thereafter.

Yet I digress….the purpose of this short post is to ask you, humbly, to make the mental jump using this simple quote as a vaulting pole to the current battle going on in Indianapolis about Landlord Registration, inspections, and government overreach.

A hearing is coming up early August (next week) on this legislation and I understand there to be even more short-sighted elementsadded to it by the bill’s sponsors.  It seems the sponsors are solely in the ‘workers’ corner (aka tenants) on every issue and damned be the evil, selfish businessmen (aka landlords).

It’s well past the time we demand our various trade associations reframe the argument against this evil, socialist legislation.

MIBOR and IAR (Indiana Association of REALTORS), both trade organizations with Government Affairs Directors who have direct ties to the political powers, must flex their collective muscles now to defeat this bill.  BOTH organizations need to hear from YOU, the members, about your adamant opposition to this legislation.  Help them reframe the argument with your support and your voice.  Help them reframe the outcome.

There is strength in numbers, my friends.  Even small numbers.

If you and I fail to convince them, the bundle of rights of ALL property owners becomes the tinder bundle for the destructive fire that will soon consume free capitalism in our great City of Indianapolis, then Carmel and Zionsville and Fishers and Westfield and Avon and……

It is up to us to Act….will you Act?


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