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Starting over again shouldn’t be painful….

startingPolaris frequently is asked to “take over management” of a property from a different management company due to either the Landlord not happy with services rendered, or more directly, with services not rendered.

Almost every time, we are forced to contact, recontact, and recontact the prior company for basic information and materials.

Which means we can’t properly begin managing the property or the tenant relationship….which means the Landlord isn’t getting what they want.

Such an easy problem to avoid;  Here’s how:

Require the management company’s agreement to include terms that they will promptly transfer all documents, tenant applications and paystubs, accounting records, and service ticket issues to the new management company.

When you know the rules, the game is much more enjoyable.

As always, if you need any assistance, we are only a click, call, or email away.


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