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Top Ten Tax Deductions for Landlords


Dear Clients and Friends,

We are nearing that time of year again where we dread looking at our stack of mail….those dreaded 1099’s are coming and that means tax season again.

The best acronym I heard lately came from my personal CPA….BOHICA.  (I’ll let you Google that one yourself.)  





Now that you have a grin on your face instead of that scowl, perhaps you should read about the tax advantages of owning rental property…here’s a link to the Top Ten Tax Advantages of rental property

What some folks don’t know is you don’t have to be an “investor” to own rental property–most people start by renting out their home they currently live in.

 If you are interested in learning more, click or call. 

We’ll be here filling out our tax returns so the interruption is more than welcome.  




Dan Baldini, MBA, e-PRO, ABR, SFR  


REALTOR/Managing Broker 


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