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What Makes for a Good Tenant?


When you lease or rent out your home, you want to know that whoever lives there will love the place as much as you do. What exactly should you look for in a tenant who’s considering moving into your rental property?

First, there’s the basics: credit and background checks. A clean credit check gives you peace of mind that the tenant will pay on time and in full every month. A background check helps you discover any unsavory pasts—both criminals, sex offenders or those who commit white collar crimes like fraud that might keep you from getting paid.

Then, of course, you want to make sure that these people will treat your property with respect. While a property management company will take care of many of the major maintenance tasks, you want to make sure your tenants will keep the lawn mowed, the hedges trimmed, the yard free from trash and clutter and generally take pride in the property. When your tenants love the property, it also helps you: They’re more likely to report a minor maintenance problem, like a leaking pipe, before it turns into a giant maintenance nightmare, like a burst pipe or a flooded basement.

Finally, you want people you trust in your property. People who will leave your home as good or better than they found it, people who will be good neighbors, and people who just love living in your house. Ultimately, that all makes for a better owner-tenant relationship, and smoother sailing.

How do you find such elusive tenants? Hire an experienced property management company like Polaris Property Management. We work with property owners like you to find tenants you can trust. Give us a call and find out how we can help you find your dream tenants today.

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