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Why do baristas fill your coffee cup to the VERY TOP?

coffeeWhether it’s Starbucks or McDonalds, have you noticed your coffee is poured to the very BRIM?

I can appreciate the Barista’s dedication to providing full value since, no doubt, someone complained about the cup not being full and getting ripped off from that 1.333 ounces of missing coffee.

But here’s my funky-Sumatra-deep-ground questions: 

“Is there value to the customer to intentionally leave some contents out?”

Perhaps you would be less likely to spill it on your shirt or blouse if there was some space between the top of the cup and the sipping lid?

Would you be less likely to spill it in your car’s cup holder when you hit an Indianapolis chuck hole?


If you are the Barista of your rental operation, are you filling your tenant’s cup to the brim and not leaving some space for movement and wiggles and jostles?

Even worse, are you guilty of filling your OWN cup to the brim and not leaving any space for your own wiggles and jostles?

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